Our story, our motivation.

Since 1997, Los Pinos Foundation has been working at Casavalle, one of the most vulnerable areas of Montevideo. We have brought quality education and sports programs to support children and young adults from the area, by developing their skills and talents, so they can achieve a better future based solely on their potential.

At Los Pinos, we want to provide the opportunity they need to reach those goals, help them trust themselves, and recognize that any objective is achievable through effort and work.

For that end, we created social programs that seek to narrow the education gap, centered in the development of technical, professional, and human skills, essential for a comprehensive education as a person.

We want to foster curiosity on how to solve the problems and challenges youths face, and a drive to search for solutions that will benefit themselves and their communities with an innovative, responsible, and civil mindset.


Our way of helping

We want to generate social, professional, and human development initiatives which become a true conduit to help people and families achieve their full potential in a peaceful and accountable environment.

In that sense, our foundation encourages values such as:

  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • The sense of belonging
  • Innovation
  • Service

Los Pinos Foundation and Opus Dei

The promoters behind Los Pinos have requested Opus Dei to facilitate spiritual assistance to those who freely wish it, and to collaborate in the Christian aspect of their socio-educational programs. Opus Dei is an institution of the Catholic Church founded by St. Josemaría Escrivá with the mission of spreading the message that daily life and work are instances to commune with God, to serve others and improve society. It also offers, to those who desire it, spiritual means to live as committed Christians in the world. 


At Los Pinos, we have a chapel where spiritual activities are offered to teachers, students, relatives, and friends who freely wish to attend.