Sports are an excellent tool for development, because in addition to fostering physical and motor skills, they also encourage the development of social and personal skills. Sports are one of the best ways to acquire values such as responsibility, commitment, respect, teamwork, empathy, resiliency, and tolerance, allowing for a healthier individual and social development.

Therefore, sports are fundamental for those people who live in vulnerable situations. There are no distinctions of social origin or condition in the pitch; it is an optimal place for bonding between different members of the group, learning to face conflict, and building collaborative relationships to reach common goals.

Encouraging social and educational inclusion through sports adds value to the process of learning-teaching being carried out in the academic area. Since 2003, both in at Primary and Secondary school levels, Los Pinos is a part of the Inter-School Sports League (L.I.D), along with institutions such as The British School, St. Andrew’s, Monte VI, Stella Maris, St. Patrick’s, Woodlands, Jesús María, Seminario, Ivy Thomas, Clifton College, and Harwood.

There, Los Pinos participates in soccer, rugby and track-and-field competitions organized by the members of the league.

In addition to that, during the summer, every student in Los Pinos goes to the Armed Forces premises in Boiso Lanza, where they learn flotation, swimming techniques, and conduct internal competitions.

Discovering the world

The children who currently attend the last year of Primary school and the Child Center participate in an annual sports exchange trip to Buenos Aires. The tournament is organized by APDES and schools from Mendoza, Buenos Aires, La Plata, Rosario y Paysandú all participate in soccer, rugby and track-and-field.

Our motivation and goals
  • Supporting initiatives that reward effort and fair play, especially in young people from vulnerable environments.
  • Contributing to social inclusion, which is key to the healthy development of the Uruguayan youth
  • Allowing the children and youths that attend Los Pinos to be hosts of an event with a noted track record and acknowledgment in the broader school environment.