Working alongside the Child and Youth Agency (INAU)

In the Child and Youth Centers, we conduct non-formal, after-school or before-school education programs directed toward children and young adults which include:

Academic support

Food assistance

Emotional education

Comprehensive family assistance

IT and Robotics




The Child Center began in 1997, and, by 2002, thanks to the support of various companies and entities, an 800m2 building was erected, which allowed for the addition of the Youth Center, geared toward young adults.

The Child Center aims to support children and their families during the Primary school stage. Various activities are offered to stimulate the student and help them achieve their potential in every area, contributing to their overall development, as well as strengthening the family to support them when dealing with the complex situations they may face.

In the Youth Center, one of our goals is to promote academic continuity in youths, providing them with academic support to stop school dropout and preparing them for tertiary education and/or their first work experiences. We aim to create a socialization space, where we encourage continuity in the bonds between youths and their families.